Waterloo woman with mobility issues asks for help shoveling snow

Denise Seitz says she has been unable to walk or move freely since being diagnosed with Arthritis and Fibromyalgia File photo. Blair Adams/KitchenerToday It just recently became difficult for Denise Seitz to walk because of Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

For now, she is paying for all medication and phsyiotherapy out of pocket until she gets disability approved by the government — which will take months.

Seitz says she has already reached out to community services and charity organizations for help with her sidewalk, but nobody has been able to help.

"I’ve contacted the Working Centre numerous times, leaving messages asking for snow clearing, which would be a cost to me, but they have not returned my phone call. I have also reached out to our MP and our MPP to expedite my disability applications."

Seitz says every dollar she has goes to medication and treatment.

As she continues to wait for disability approval without a job, she says the last thing she can afford right now is to pay for snow removal.

"I need phsyiotherapy and medication to recover, but I don’t have any funds available for that. The LHIN does come over and help, but again, that is only a number of visits. So I will have four more visits for physiotherapy with them, and then I am on my own."

Seitz adds that the slippery sidewalks are not only dangerous for pedestrians, it also prevent her from being able to leave the house.

She says there are a few things the government can do to help people in her position.

"Perhaps the community services could be a little more lenient if we were able to approach them and show them that we have applied, we do have the documentation, the MRIs, what have you, to prove the disability approval is in the works. I know they’re very backlogged, and I understand that."

She says the government should also consider fining doctors who take too long to fill out disability forms.

In her case, her doctor held on to the forms from October last year, and did not submit them until late December, adding more time to an already lengthy waiting period.

570 NEWS reached out to the Working Centre to ask them why they have not gotten back to Denise, but they have not yet responded.

You can send Seitzs a donation or contact her through her GoFundMe page .

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