Elderly cardboard collector in S’pore contracts arthritis, unable to support intellectually disabled son

A vegetarian food stall in Shenton Way that offers low-cost meals to the needy has appealed to the public for help.

If the name of the food stall sounds familiar, it might be because you’ve previously heard of them here: They are willing to work with other employers in the Shenton Way area to provide low cost food to those who need it. Selling cardboard for 0.05cents per kg

In a Facebook post on Feb. 15, eatery Yummy Mummy wrote a lengthy Facebook post about an elderly cardboard collector in Singapore.

Addressing her as Mdm Neo, Yummy Mummy reveals that the woman makes a living by selling cardboard for S$0.05 per kg. Presumably Neo’s home. Volunteer in the background. Photo via Yummy Mummy/Facebook Photo via Yummy Mummy/Facebook Neo tries to sell at least 60kg of cardboard a day in order to get by, reportedly only on a packet of rice and some bread. She [Neo] skips her breakfast and if she has rice for lunch, dinner will be BREAD. If she has rice for dinner, lunch will be BREAD. Her bread supply is taken from a nearby shop nearing closing time and those bread that cannot be kept for next day sales, the shop will give them to her. Intellectually disabled son

However, the elderly woman’s biggest worry is her intellectually disabled son, who also has a serious skin condition that requires regular medication.

Otherwise, his skin would tear and bleed. Photo via Yummy Mummy/Facebook Every month, Neo receives S$150 worth of vouchers from government agencies, which she uses to buy diapers and cooling powder for her son, as well as some other necessities. Sadly, Neo has recently contracted arthritis, which renders her unable to work.

Yummy Mummy writes that Neo and her son’s daily lives are now “living hell without proper meals”, and that utility bills are stacking up.

According to the Facebook post, Neo has even contemplated suicide. Singaporeans, MSF step in

To end the post, Yummy Mummy is calling for sponsors among their followers to alleviate Neo’s living expenses.

So far, they’ve managed to raise three month’s worth of daily meals, as well as a sponsor for the pair’s utilities bills.

Since the post was put up, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) has also reached out to Yummy Mummy, and the parties are arranging for more aid for Neo.

If you wish to help, you may contact Jeanna at 9725 0118.

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