Dom Perignon & Oysters Soiree at The Biltmore

Dom Perignon & Oysters Soiree at The Biltmore The sunset kick-off party for the Dom Perignon by the glass/by the shell was held on the Patio of the Coral Casino at Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara to welcome patrons to a special Dom Perignon with oysters offering this summer. This exciting new experiential dining program features Dom Pérignon Vintage by the glass, paired with tableside-shucked oysters and an array of specially crafted & paired mignonette sauces.

In attendance were Julia Fitzroy, Business Development Director for Dom Perignon Champagne and Diego Meraviglia, US Brand Ambassador for Dom Perignon, along with guests Michal W. Weisbrock, Executive Director Arthritis Foundation Santa Barbara with Jeff Baldwin, a bevy of Four Seasons Biltmore executives and a crowd of local food and beverage enthusiasts. Executive Chef Marco Fossati was answering questions from guests on the beautiful El Cardon Pacific, Kusshi and Kumai Oysters on the menu, as well as the delicious mignonette sauces prepared to pair with them. The seafood buffet was overflowing with lobster, shrimp, clams and oysters with a collection of delicious accompanying sauces. Dom Perignon US Brand Ambassador Diego Meraviglia (left) Jeff Baldwin and Michael W. Weisbrock Director Arthritis Foundation Santa Barbara share a toast with Julia Fitzroy Business Development Director Dom Perignon Champagne (right) Oyster shuckers who were also serving Dom Perignon by the glass from uniforms created especially for this experience were enthusiastically shucking oysters selected by guests throughout the patio, where everyone was enjoying a magical Butterfly Beach sunset as they savored the delicious offerings being presented by the fantastic hotel staff. The quail eggs stuffed with caviar and watermelon bites were sensational.

Guests are invited to enjoy glasses of Dom Pérignon, served tableside by servers outfitted in custom, new Dom Pérignon By the Shell holsters that hold both raw bar items like oysters and clams and bottles of Dom Pérignon champagne. After pouring glasses of Dom Pérignon, servers prepare raw bar items live, tableside for the guests and offer a selection of special mignonette sauces, created in collaboration with Executive Chef Marco Fossati at Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara. The program will continue each Friday in Ty Lounge at the Resort from May through August 2019.For reservations or additional information visit: . Custom Champagne & Oyster Shucking Server Apparel (left) Executive Chef Marco Fossati​ (right)

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