1st robotic knee replacement surgery performed at Ojas

Dr Avtar Singh, chief orthopaedic surgeon at Amandeep Group of Hospitals, Amritsar briefing media about the facility of robotic knee replacement surgery. Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Mar 16: Tricity’s first robotic knee replacement surgery was performed on a 56-year-old housewife at Amandeep Ojas Centre of Excellence for Knee Replacement at Ojas Hospital, Panchkula on Saturday.
By performing this surgery successfully, world’s first Punjabi surgeon to practice robotic knee replacement surgery, Dr Avtar Singh, chief orthopaedic surgeon at Amandeep Group of Hospital, Amritsar assisted by Dr Suresh Singla, director, department of ortho at Ojas, created a history of sort.
Informing about surgery, Dr Avtar said that Leena Mehra (pseudo name) is a very active lady and is fond of her morning walks and evening yoga sessions with her friends. But when she started experience knee pain during these activities some months ago, she decided that it was best to meet her orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible.
Early diagnosis and intervention are very crucial when it comes to arthritis of the knee, pointed out Dr Avtar Singh, who performed the robotics total knee replacement surgery on Mehra. Mehra was the ideal candidate for a robotic knee surgery, said Avtar Singh.
“A surgery with this technology enables the surgeon to precisely remove only the damaged part of the bone, while saving all the natural structures in the knee. This leads to a more normal feeling knee and quicker recovery for the patient,” said Dr Singh.
Busting popular myths, Dr Avtar Singh said, “It is still me, who is doing the surgery, not the robot. The robotics enabled artificial intelligence helps achieve more precision and accuracy in the surgery with the bone cuts which has not been possible until now with the manual method of performing surgery. At the end of the surgery the knee implant is almost a custom-fit for the patient and they forget they have even had a surgery.”
Meanwhile, robotic knee replacement is available with only Amandeep Group of Hospitals, Amritsar in the North India and recently, Amandeep Group, in association with Ojas Hospital, Panchkula has started this facility for the residents of Tricity.

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